Keeping Children Safe Online

kids-safeThe truth is that the internet may not be safe for young minds. This is because there is a great deal of unpleasant information circulating in the internet. In this regard, it is important to ensure that your child is completely safe from unpleasant internet exposures.

It has been confirmed that a good number of minors are deliberately accessing demoralizing information in the internet. This has been brought about by parents who do not implement the necessary measures to curb unsafe surfing among children. This in return creates a very negative influence in children hence ruining their future.

Here are tips of keeping children safe online:

Keep Passwords A Secret
Failure to keep passwords away from your child is the root cause of access to unpleasant information. A lot of parents have the tendency of revealing main passwords to their children hence enabling them to access even the most unpleasant adult sites.

If you must prevent your child from accessing such sites, then your passwords must remain a total secret. Any time you are signing into an adult account, ensure that your child is not anywhere close.

Study Your Kids Behaviors
It is always recommended that you study your child’s habits towards the internet. That way, you will be in a position to prevent them from touring unsafe pages. You will certainly tell if your child loves exploring and learning new things in the internet. Such a kid will not hesitate visiting unpleasant sites in the long run. They should therefore be warned on the harm that underlies such sites.

Cut The Influence From Other Children
It is only normal that children are easily influenced by others of their age. This means that a simple suggestion from a friend can compel your child to visit bad sites. In this regard, you must do everything to discourage the connection between your children and their friends at least in terms of surfing the web.

Best Search Engines

search-enginesFor you to surf the internet conveniently, you will require a perfect search engine. Fortunately, a lot of search engines have been made available with more coming up frequently. However, despite the fact that there are many search engines in existence, not all fall under the category of the best.

A good search engine is one that allows you access different web pages in the most convenient way. In addition, a great search engine will provide you with best web search results and in a short time. Here are some of the leading search engines:

It is indisputable that this is regarded the best search engines way above others in existence. Since the inception of Google, a lot of people have made use of it and can indeed confirm how great the search engine is. It has the capacity to provide you with a lot of results based on the keywords provided. In addition, it is pretty fast for convenient surfing. It has been confirmed that Google receives more than 1.1 billion visitors in a month.

This search engine comes second in command after Google. It is pretty prominent and shares a good number of similar features with Google. The good thing about Bing is that it is fast and easy to use. It comes forth with a great deal of features to ensure that you surf fast and conveniently. Bing is believed to receive approximately 350 million visitors in a month.

It is one of the oldest search engines which still exist today. It is considered one of the best since it provides a lot of search results and in a remarkably short time. Note that yahoo is not only a search engine. It ia also an aggregator, emailbox, Travel directory among other things. This means that Yahoo can be of great essence in helping you access information in different fronts. Yahoo is used by more than 300 million people monthly.

The History Of The Internet

the-internetThe internet happens to be the largest communication platform that majority of the people in the globe use. Basically, the internet can be defined as a network that exists between different computers irrespective of their geographical location. Actually, you can communicate to any person in any corner of the globe with the help of the internet.

It is important to note that the internet is not controlled by a single institution. It is simply a service that involves a great number of institutions. The internet was developed back in 1973 courtesy of one of the American scientist, Vinton Cerf. The invention was triggered by the United States Department of Defense which majorly specialized in research projects. The agency was under the directive of Robert Kahn when the invention was made.

Actually, the internet began as a simple network that connected different universities in the United States. Due to technological advancements in the country, the network was developed in all aspects hence making it completely strong. It was made possible to connect a great number of computers as time passed. Within a decade since the inception of the internet, it was possible for people in the United States and the neighboring countries to surf and access several web pages.

Years later, the invention of search engines came about. The search engines were brought about as the number of people using the internet grew bigger by the day. Note that the more the surfers, the more the development of websites. This means that it might prove impossible to trace certain information without any aid. Search engines enabled people key in the names of the web pages they required and get results in a flash.

As time passed by, the use of internet went viral with countries from other continents joining the club. Currently, the internet is considered a global trend that almost every person uses. In addition, devices that can access the internet have been introduced alongside computers.

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